Country: France

Contract notice: control of equipment in public buildings of the city of nogent-sur-seine

Main features: regulatory periodic check market for equipment and facilities receiving public (erp) and institutions submitted to the labor code located in the municipality of nogent-sur-seine.

Award criteria: offer economically the most advantageous appreciated according to the criteria set out in the specifications (regulation of the consultation, letter of invitation, or descriptive document).

Control of equipment in public buildings in the city of Nogent-sur-Seine
Place of performance of works, delivery of supplies, or provision of services:

Possibility to present an offer for:

Lot n ° 1: Verification of electrical installations

Lot n ° 2: Verification of fuel gas installations

Lot n ° 3: Verification of the installations of the emergency means of the fire safety and smoke extraction equipment

Lot n ° 4: Verification of elevators

Lot n ° 5: Verification of lifting devices (stage poles, lifting table),

Lot n ° 6: Verification of pressure equipment

Lot n ° 7: Verification of work equipment

Lot n ° 8: Verification of automatic gates

Lot n ° 9: Verification of scales

Lot n ° 10: Checking the cooking appliances

Deadline for receipt of tenders: 19/04/2021 at 12:00
The minimum period of bid validity: 180 days

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