The Natural Resources Center (Luke) is building a sustainable future from renewable resources. Through research, we generate value and solutions for our customers â € “we meet challenges close and globally. The services and solutions of the Natural Resources Center are based on experimental research, supported by high-quality research infrastructures. Luke is renewing his key research environments in close collaboration with Senate Properties.

Senate Properties is building a new experimental animal research unit (hereinafter the Intensive Unit) for the use of the Natural Resources Center, near the Jokioinen campus, in Minkiö. In its design phase, it is the only batch-in-batch-out unit in the Nordic countries, where it is possible to keep several animal species, each on its own turn. The constructive entity strengthens the competitiveness of Luke’s research as a leader in sustainable primary production and the circular economy, as well as in the direction of climate-friendly solutions.

The Natural Resources Center (Luke) equips the new Intensive Unit with the latest feeding and measurement technologies, which can be utilized e.g. in the study of poultry, pigs, calves (up to six (6) months of age), horses, insects, reindeer, dogs, and small ruminants. The surveys will be carried out in the Intensive Unit’s 350 m 2 animal room, where mainly one (1) animal species is kept at a time, depending on the project.

With regard to the solutions provided, it should be noted that the living space is designed so that it can be divided into two (2) independently adjustable areas, if necessary.

With this call for tenders, Luke will tender and procure equipment and systems related to the operational design and research related to the Jokioinen Intensive Care Unit.

A service solution is sought for functional planning. The functional design of the intensive care unit will be implemented for the building permit phase in spring 2021.

Hardware and system solutions are sought for the following entities. The acquisition period for hardware and system solutions during 2022 and 2023 is:

Controlled lighting, heating, and ventilation of the animal room, which can be adjusted to suit the conditions of different animal species.

A pen solution that is suitable for all the animal species listed below or can be modified to suit as many animal species as possible. The pens are assembled on a flat floor from the elements, and the elements form four (4) pens. The tenderer may offer pens in accordance with the breakdown below or a common pens solution suitable for even more animal species.

â € “Horse pens (also suitable for dogs)

Pens suitable for calves 0 to 6 months and pigs for fattening (also suitable for sheep, goats, sows, piglets and reindeer)

â € “Pens suitable for poultry (meat and egg production)

â € “The tenderer’s own general cage solution that fully or partially implements the requirements of the above cage types.

Animal feeding solutions where to concentrate feeding solutions are expected to distribute dry or broth feed. Feeding solutions are expected to be suitable for feeding as many animal species as possible. The provider may also provide a concentrate feeding solution suitable for the distribution of both types of concentrates (dry and broth) in pens.

In connection with feeding solutions, a container suitable for storing broth feed, silos and mills suitable for storing and handling cereals and concentrates, as well as solutions for transferring feed from storage silos to feeding equipment are also requested.

Animal drinking water solution for zoos and outdoor gardens. Soldering equipment is expected to be suitable for as many animal species as possible at different stages of production, for example by means of the height adjustment of the watering equipment and the variability of the type of watering equipment.

Container solutions, where outside the Intensive Unit, e.g. an insect farm built-in containers. In addition, freezer containers, refrigerated containers, and storage containers are procured.

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