Project Location: Maldives
Region: South Asia
Owner/Implementing Agency: Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure
Approval Date (as of board presentation): February 27, 2020
Closing Date: June 30, 2026
Commitment Amount: Us$ 16.50 million
Total Project Cost: Us$ 16.50 million

Concept Description:
The planned operation proposes some concrete and broad engagements in the areas of ( i) Technical Assistance for Hulhumalé Sustainable Urban Planning , Development and Management , (ii) Resilient Infrastructure and Emergency Preparedness; (iii) Sustainable Neighborhoods and Smart City Development; and (iv ) Contingent Emergency Response Following consultation with GoM and other development stakeholders , the Technical Assistance effort will look into providing possible analytical support including: (i) technical assistance for Hulhumalé financing plan and development plans; (ii) feasibility studies of proposed infrastructure investments and Hulhumalé Phase II; (iii) a Greater Malé integrated transport master plan and (iv) institutional development of key urban agencies. This work could support the creation of an overall financing plan as well as reviewing the Grater Malé Development Plan and Hulhumalé Master Plan Phase II. In the same line of engagement with the key stakeholders, the proposed Resilient Urban Infrastructure and Emergency Preparedness work will include : (i) emergency preparedness and response (e.g. establishment of a disaster/emergency coordination center and strengthening the fire rescue system) and (ii) improving urban services and infrastructure on Hulhumalé. Possible sectoral interventions could include sewerage, drainage, and water harvesting and storage. The World Bank CAT DDO project currently under preparation will inform and guide the proposed investments in emergency preparedness.

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