Name of tender: Smart Lid Manhole project
Owner/Implementing Agency: CITY OF DUBUQUE
Project Location: United States
Value: USD 150000
Deadline: 31 Dec 2027

Currently there are over 175 sections of gravity flow sanitary sewer pipe that require programed maintenance. While programed maintenance greatly reduces the chance of basement backups and sanitary sewer overflows, it does place high demands on staff and equipment. Cleaning only when needed, using real time data, provides 24/7 monitoring of lines and eliminates unnecessary cleaning of lines. The manhole sensors provide real-time monitoring data, and the software uses trend analytics which is used to anticipate the rate of build-up. Cleaning lines only when needed allows additional time to clean other lines that currently receive little or no maintenance. The data from these sensors juxtaposed with the FOG program data, can allow us to utilize extra time to FOG identified trouble areas throughout the city. This project “Smart Lid Manhole Project” would help us meet our goal of cleaning the total system once every six (6) years.

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