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On an industry basis, the various international classification systems are fairly well harmonized. Depending on the country, localized differences show up at the lower level of their respective industry classification structure.

According to these classifications, the industry provides the efficient transportation of a wide variety of goods from source to destination, either by man or animal-drawn vehicles. These include haulage of a wide range of products, including the products of logging activities, general stock, refrigerated goods, automobiles, haulage in tanker trucks, furniture removal, and transport of waste and waste materials. This class excludes log hauling within the forest, as part of logging operations (0240 ISIC), distribution of water by trucks (3600 ISIC), operation of terminal facilities for handling freight (5221 ISIC), crating and packing activities for transport (5229 ISIC), post and courier activities (5310 and 5320 ISIC) and waste transport as an integrated part of waste collection activities (3811 and 3812 ISIC).

The NAICS class 484 – Truck transportation, comprises firms primarily engaged in the truck transportation of goods. These firms may carry general freight or bulk, dry, forest, or specialized freight. Specialized freight comprises goods that, because of size, weight, shape, or other inherent characteristics, require specialized equipment for transportation. Firms may operate locally, that is within a metropolitan area and its adjacent non-urban area or over long distances, i.e. between metropolitan areas. Lower level industry classification focuses on long-distance as opposed to local trucking, and a full truckload as opposed to less than a truckload. Whereas ISIC includes freight transport services only as a principal activity, NAICS 484 explicitly includes incidental packaging and storage services. In the U.S., these services are included in bundled freight transport transaction prices.
In a similar vein, ANZSIC 4610 consists of business enterprises engaged in the transportation of freight by road. It also includes those mainly engaged in renting trucks with drivers for road freight transport. Specifically, principal activities of this industry include delivery service, road (except courier), furniture removal service (road), log haulage service (road); road freight transport service; taxi truck service (with driver); and truck hire service (with driver).

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