Organisation Name: RHONDDA CYNON TAF CBC.
Project Location: United Kingdom.
Tender Notice No.: 2022/S 000-019845.
Deadline: 19 Jul 2024.


The procurement process is structured to contain 2 lots. Lot 1 is for play provision and seeks to appoint play providers capable of delivering play opportunities for cyp aged 5 to 14 years across the county borough. Lot 2 is for youth provision and seeks to appoint youth providers capable of delivering youth opportunities for cyp aged 11 to 25 years across the county borough. Both opportunities will require providers to deliver freely chosen open access opportunities from various sites across rct. The services to be procured under this itt are applicable to regulations 74-77 under chapter 3 for social. Other specific services known as light touch regime . Therefore, the council is not obliged to comply with the full extent of the regulations, only those parts which apply to the light touch regime. This process will operate as an approved list that will quality assure providers. In order to obtain a position on the approved list providers will need to pass a questionnaire. The approved list is in its 2nd stage, meaning the approved list will remain open and available for the approved list duration. Allowing new providers to express their interest and apply to join one or both lots at any time. Unsuccessful providers will also be given the opportunity to reapply until successful.

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